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It was a weird thing that happened when I was looking for a contractor, I had two contractors come out to give me estimates. One was so young, too young and barely spoke a word to me. The other was an old guy and he barely wrote anything down. I never got an estimate from him because as he put it "I don't do email". I asked him if he "did fax" and he said.. but apparently he didn't because I never received an estimate. I was sitting at the computer one night feeling very frustrated at the lack of luck on finding a contractor I could afford and be comfortable with. With Joe gone, it's a little scary to have workers in the house with me and my daughter. Within an hour of that time I received an email from Ms. Muzzy advertising that Scott needed some work and had been in the business for 7 years doing high end houses. At the time, I wondered if this might be God leading me to someone. What a comfort to me that we might have found someone Joe and I both knew, or at least we know his dad. When Scott came out to give us the estimate he gave us some great portfolio pictures and visited with Diana and I for a couple hours. We probably confused the heck out of him but he took a lot of notes, had some good ideas and voiced some possible obstacles with our ideas. By the time he left, we both knew he was the right person to do the job.
Peggy - Owasso, OK
Scott does excellent work and listens to your needs. Best of all, he is 100% reliable, showing up on time when he says he will. He performs work to an excellent standard.
Don - Tulsa, OK
The finished product was very well done and I was happy to have worked with Classic Image.
Steve - Jenks, OK
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