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Tulsa Bathroom Remodeling Company: Changing Needs and Changing Looks

A bathroom is no longer a place to just spend the minimum few minutes and get out as quick as possible. It has become a place to relax and renew yourself. So it’s only logical that bathroom designs are being given a lot more thought by homeowners. Most homeowners will renovate a bathroom at some point in their life. A professional Tulsa bathroom remodeling company may be able to help you with several ideas to turn your bathroom into a relaxing area where you can get away from day to day stresses and rejuvenate.

You may decide to remodel your bathroom because it looks out dated or is inadequate for your current needs. Maybe you need better ventilation or you have discovered some water damage that might require some extensive repairs. Sometimes older bathrooms offer too little storage space and you’d like to remodel to create some extra storage. The bathroom fixtures also become dated and worn over time and may prompt you to think about installing something new. One thing can lead to another and you may realize that the entire bathroom really needs a facelift. A qualified Tulsa bathroom remodeling company may be the perfect solution. They deal with outdated, rundown and just plain inconvenient bathrooms every day. So of course they can give you some great ideas on a new look for your space.

Tulsa Bathroom Remodeling Company: Adding the Comfort of a Spa

Spas are becoming very popular. They relax and rejuvenate and provide a place to momentarily get away from it all. No wonder homeowners want to bring the spa home with them and ideal place to do this is in the bathroom. No matter how small your bathroom is, a qualified Tulsa bathroom remodeling company can make it look and feel like a spa.

You might want to add more than one shower head with varied spray actions. You can add a watering can shower head, rain tiles that are installed in the ceiling or a waterfall shower head. You can have a wall of full body sprayer heads or even a steam shower. And don’t forget the heated towel rack for those toasty towels just like the ones at your favorite spa. The best thing is that these are things that will work in the smallest of bathrooms so you won’t need to be knocking out any walls to gain a truly spa like feel. However, if you have a big bathroom and a large budget, then there is no limit. Talk with your local Tulsa bathroom remodeling company if you’re dreaming of turning your bathroom space into a luxurious personal spa.

TulsaBathroom Remodeling Company: All the Right Options

When decide to have your bathroom renovated, you will have many options to choose from. There is an amazing selection of vanities, cabinets, toilets, shower surrounds and tubs to choose from. Matching sink and shower fixtures along with towel bars can bring it all together. A reliable Tulsa bathroom remodeling company can help you to choose the best fixtures for your bathroom.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly remodel and want to save on water consumption along the way, you might want check out some water saving faucets and shower heads. And don’t forget the newer toilets that use far less water. Older toilets use from two to four gallons per flush where the newer models use less than two! That can up to some considerable savings over the course of a year. You can consult your local Tulsa bathroom remodeling company to learn about the latest eco-friendly remodels available.

Tulsa Bathroom Remodeling: Making the Right Choices

A bathroom can be renovated without breaking out any walls or making changes in the plumbing. However, the walls can be moved make the bathroom more spacious. Obviously a surface remodeling project is going to be much easier. If you’re pleased with the existing layout of the bath it can save you quite a bit of money. It depends on the condition of the bathroom and whether there is any existing water damage. After a through inspection, Tulsa bathroom remodeling company can tell you whether your bathroom needs surface remodeling or complete renovation. On the other hand you may want a completely different look that may require tearing out the entire structure and rebuilding the bathroom from scratch. Such massive alterations are warranted when the bathroom is very old and the flooring is rotting away due to moisture accumulated over the years. Such complete remodeling involves demolition, rough plumbing and carpentry, electrical, insulation, drywall and tile work. Flooring, fixtures and cabinets would also need to be considered. An experienced Tulsa bathroom remodeling company can handle these big projects with ease. Your budget is also an important consideration when it comes to determining the level of your bathroom remodeling project. Talk with a professional Tulsa bathroom remodeling company about your budget limitations. While a surface remodel may not be that expensive, anything more involved that requires plumbing, electrical or carpentry work will cost more money. If you have a limited remodeling budget, you may want to stick with a surface remodel and avoid a more costly complete tear-out. You don’t need to break down the existing walls to give your bathroom a new look. If you move the weight bearing walls, this can be bit of an expense. If your sink, tub and shower positioning needs to be changed it may involve complete re-plumbing of the bathroom. Decide if you can live with your current floor plan, leaving your existing plumbing in place. This may save you considerable plumbing expense. A reliable Tulsa bathroom remodeling company can help you make easy work of your bathroom remodel. The bathroom is an important part of any home remodeling project and it should be in keeping with your own personal tastes. Considering the amount of time an average person spends in a bathroom, it only makes sense to create an inviting and relaxing space. A professional Tulsa bathroom remodeling company will help you turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat that is comfortable, functional and visually appealing.
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It was a weird thing that happened when I was looking for a contractor, I had two contractors come out to give me estimates. One was so young, too young and barely spoke a word to me. The other was an old guy and he barely wrote anything down. I never got an estimate from him because as he put it "I don't do email". I asked him if he "did fax" and he said.. but apparently he didn't because I never received an estimate. I was sitting at the computer one night feeling very frustrated at the lack of luck on finding a contractor I could afford and be comfortable with. With Joe gone, it's a little scary to have workers in the house with me and my daughter. Within an hour of that time I received an email from Ms. Muzzy advertising that Scott needed some work and had been in the business for 7 years doing high end houses. At the time, I wondered if this might be God leading me to someone. What a comfort to me that we might have found someone Joe and I both knew, or at least we know his dad. When Scott came out to give us the estimate he gave us some great portfolio pictures and visited with Diana and I for a couple hours. We probably confused the heck out of him but he took a lot of notes, had some good ideas and voiced some possible obstacles with our ideas. By the time he left, we both knew he was the right person to do the job.
Peggy - Owasso, OK
Scott does excellent work and listens to your needs. Best of all, he is 100% reliable, showing up on time when he says he will. He performs work to an excellent standard.
Don - Tulsa, OK
The finished product was very well done and I was happy to have worked with Classic Image.
Steve - Jenks, OK
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